Singaporean Chili Crab

You want to visit Singapore during your holiday. You already search for the place that you are going to visit during your holiday in Singapore. There are a lot of places that become your destination in Singapore. You also want to try several dishes that you think is the most popular dishes in Singapore. There is one dish that you need to try when you visit Singapore. It is called as Chili crab. Chili crab is a seafood dish that you can find in Singapore. You can also find the Chili crab in Malaysia. Chili crab using the mud crabs that stir fried in a semi thick with a sweet and savoury tomato, and also a chilli based sauce. If you think that you don’t like a spicy food or you can’t eat a spicy food but you want to try the Chili crab, you don’t need to be worry. This is because Chili crab is not a spicy food. Maybe it will give you a little bit of spicy taste but not to spicy.

Chili crab is known as the most favorite dishes that every Singapore people or people who come to Singapore would like to come to a restaurant that sell Chili crab and enjoy the Chili crab. This is the best dishes that become the member of World’s 50 most delicious food that compiled by CNN Go in 2011. You would never forget the delicious taste of Chili crab that you already try. Many people who already try the Chili crab would like to say that Chili crab is the greatest dish that ever invented. Chili crab also called as the king among all crab dishes that you ever find in another country. You will able to find that many restaurant would put Chili crab into their menu.

The popular Chicken Rice

There is a dish that quite popular in Asia. It is known as Chicken rice. Chicken rice is a dish that quite popular in almost all country in Asia. You will able to find this dish in almost every Chinese food restaurant. Chicken rice also known as the Hainanese Chicken rice. Hainanese Chicken rice is known as the dishes that come from people who used to become the Chinese immigrants. Those peope come from Hainan province that located in Southern China. And because of that story, Hainanese Chicken rice become populare and become the national dishes in Singapore. The Chicken rice is not only popular in Singapore, but also another South East Asia countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. You will able to find the Chicken rice that served in different way depend on what country that you visit to try the Chicken rice. But mostly, the Chicken rice will be served based on the Hainanese cuisines since it is where the Chicken rice come from. If you visit any Chinese coffee shop, you will able to get the Chicken rice.

If you go to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, you will able to find out that each countries serve you a different type of Chicken rice. Each countries will serve the Chicken rice with another additional side dishes that you can enjoy along with your Chicken rice. If you go to Singapore, you will able to get the Chicken rice with the side dishes such as chicken liver, kai lan with oyster sauce and many more. If you go to Malaysia, you will see a different form of Chicken rice. The rice of the Chicken rice is look like a ball of rice. They serve the Chicken rice in ball form instead of put it inside the bowl.

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